Surfing the Internet since the first waves.

Mastering the arching waves is hard. It takes not only strength and skills to stay on the top of the board but courage to climb up the waves.
We at TheSurfingHorse are here to combine our skills with your courage and keep your business on top.
The Surfing Horse Joomla SEO Web MarketingThis website has been created as a means to collect all useful information about website building and marketing into one place. The information found here is available online with a couple of hours of digging and researching. The aim was to collect up to date knowledge that is useful on a day to day basis while building websites.
Most modern websites are built on a publicly available or custom made Content Management System. CMSs however not as agile as simple html built sites they are making that up with user friendliness. The three most popular systems are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. Some tend to liken them to Duplo, Playmobil and Lego.
WordPress is by far the most pupular platform due to its ease of use for beginners and good enough functionality for advanced users. Joomla! is more complicated to use than wordpress but it offers more freedom while developing a site. It’s failry easy to use but it takes some time to learn it’s quirks. Drupal is the third most popular within the three big players . Advanced web devleopers with coding knowledge who like making their own stuff are drupals main base. It takes time to learn the software.
We use WordPress for most of our projects which doesn’t require complicated setups. Information sites with couple of pages just beg for wordpress. If a site requires some more advanced features then we call for Joomla! and it does the heavy lifting.
Our website building tips, tricks and tutorials cover the two main content management systems Joomla and WordPress.
The other main area what we deal with is naturally connected to website building. Search Engine Optimization tips, tricks and best practices for Joomla! and WordPress.
Search is part of our life now. Websites without optimized structure and content miss out business opportunity, miss out revenue. Optimizing websites can be as trivial as writing keyword relevant content but more specific issues rise as we take a closer look at our selected CMS.
Our aim is to have the most important and useful information in one place without the need of searching for them for hours at end.
If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so on our contact us page at any time. We are generally quick to respond to any query.
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