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  1. Go to cPanel and in the Security tab click on SSL/TLS
  2. Select Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and generate one.
  3. Copy the Encoded Certificate Signing Request.
  4. Go back to Namecheap domain list, select desired domain then in the products tab click on Activate.
  5. Enter the generated and copied CSR.
  6. Select the server type in case of Namecheap shared hosting cPanel.
  7. Select the desired validation method. In case of HTTP-based validation download validation file.
  8. Create folders in the root of the domain /.well-known/pki-validation/
  9. Upload the downloaded validation file there.
  10. Enter email address to receive the certificate. It can not be changed later.
  11. Review the entered details then submit the request. Confirmation emails are delivered to the approval address within 10 minutes of activation.
  12. Upon receiving the certificate go to cPanel and go to SSL/TLS tab again.
  13. Select Certificates (CRT)
  14. Upload  or save certificate
  15. Install the certificate.
  16. In a couple of minutes it should be ready to be used.

If you have a mailbox that is always going over-quota or filling up with mail like your default account or your spam box and you don't want to have to keep logging in and deleting the emails manually this howto will show you how you can have it automatically deleted.

Identify Wikipedia Pages in Your Niche with Broken Links

It used to be easy to switch between country results in Google. For some reason or other the big brother decided to make it a bit more difficult and made a change.