Moving the add-on domains folder from one place to the other is the easiest task ever done on cPanel hosting.

Addon domain folder moving


Creating add-on domains in shared hosting cPanel creates the add-on domain folder by the default values the hosting company sets. This is sometimes is in the /root directory or sometimes in the /root/public_html directory.

When we move around hostings it is nice to have a clean structure across the cPanels that make it easier working with the sites. So the availability to change the add-on domain directory comes quite handy and above all it's surprisingly easy to accomplish even when a wordpress website is already up and running.

Creating add-on domain

The quickest settings is if the hosting provider has the /root set up as default value when creating the add-on domains. This case the add-on domain folder will be created in the /root folder as /root/newdomain We also can change it to whatever value we like by entering the /public_html/newdomain or whatever we fancy in the document root field.

Addon domain root folder move

Some hosting providers prefer to have all the add-on domains folder in the public_html folder and change the add-on domains default document root to /root/public_html So when an add-on domain folder is created it gets created automatically in the public_html folder. In theory there is nothing wrong with that but if we prefer we can change it.

Just click on the little edit icon next to the document root and in the pop up window change the document root.Addon domain root folder move 2

Modifying add-on domain root folder:

 Modifying the add-on domains root folder when a wordpress website is already up and running is not harder at all.Click on the edit icon at the document root and edit the route in the pop up window. Addon domain root folder move 2

The only additional step is to move the content of the origanally created folder into the new one. This can be done easily with cPanel's file manager in a flash and with this minimal downtime the site is up and running again without any additional tinkering with anything else.